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Hallo,mein nick ist Terminator und ich bin im Team SETI.Germany.Meine Hobby`s sind Computer und Astronomie. Gruß an alle: Terminator


BOINC Pentathlon
Welcome BOINC Pentathlon participants. Note that if you haven't participated in NFS@Home recently and are having trouble queuing work, then complete a few workunits and send them back. The server doesn't send much work to machines that haven't returned any recently.
7 May 2019, 17:48:38 UTC · Discuss

We're back
Due to an unexpected campus-wide power outage, the project was offline for several hours. Power has been restored, and the project is returning to normal. Thanks for your patience.
22 Apr 2019, 15:00:37 UTC · Discuss

Option to delete your account is now enabled
As supported by the current BOINC server software, I have enabled the option to delete your NFS@Home account if you wish. Please note that if you choose to do so, it is permanent. Deleted accounts are removed from the database and cannot be recovered.
29 Mar 2019, 7:16:15 UTC · Discuss

It's been quite a while since the last news post, but work has been continuing. On the status pages you can follow the many completed factorizations. Also, I yesterday I updated the BOINC server code to the latest version.
28 Mar 2019, 21:03:04 UTC · Discuss

New factorizations and an upcoming challenge
We have completed two new factorizations, 2,2026M and 3,790+. Details are on the Status of Numbers page.

A new challenge, Need Faster Ships Pirates Ahoy part deux NFS@Home Challenge, is running Oct 7-14. Join us at
5 Oct 2016, 0:11:56 UTC · Discuss

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