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Retired female truck driver from East Tennessee. I have a deep interest in anything dealing with space, space exploration and the possibility of other...


Need Fast Ships, Pirates Ahoy NFS@Home Challenge 7/10 - 7/17
Anguillan Pirates has issued a NFS@Home challenge July 10-17. See their thread for details, and join the challenge at BOINCStats! And don't worry about the postprocessing backlog. I'll catch up! 6 Jul 2016, 5:38:16 UTC · Comment

12,271- completed
NFS@Home has completed 12,271-, a Cunningham More Wanted number. It factors into 97-digit and 138-digit prime numbers. Thanks to larger than expected sieving contributions we are a little behind in postprocessing, but will catch up soon! Thanks for your continued help, and keep it up! 6 Jul 2016, 5:26:13 UTC · Comment

2,1028+ is done
NFS@Home has completed 2,1028+, another Cunningham Most Wanted number. It factors into 74-digit and 168-digit prime numbers. We have nearly completed the sieving of 12,271+ and 12,271-. In a change of pace, we are going to factor two large XYYXF numbers then return to the Cunningham project. Thanks for you continued help! 15 May 2016, 19:33:45 UTC · Comment

Both 2,989+ and 2,991+ are complete
Two more Cunningham Most Wanted numbers are factored. 2,989+, a three way split, is the product of 76-digit, 79-digit, and 96-digit prime numbers. 2,991+ is the product of 75-digit and 150-digit prime numbers. Let's keep going! 25 Apr 2016, 21:42:53 UTC · Comment

7,346+ is factored
Another Cunningham Most Wanted number is factored. 7,346+ is the product of 85-digit and 167-digit prime numbers. Thanks as always! 7 Apr 2016, 20:52:31 UTC · Comment

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