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I am WyerByter. I live in a place filled with chunks of plastic, burnt metal and the smell of ozone. I love crunching numbers almost as much as I like...


NFS@Home will be offline Saturday, May 27
The NFS@Home project will be offline much of the day on Saturday, May 27, due to campus IT maintenance and testing. All access should be restored by 8pm PDT.

Greg Childers
26 May 2023, 17:40:13 UTC · Discuss

New record penultimate prime factor
NFS@Home has found a new record penultimate prime factor! 7,889M, which is a portion of the number 7^889+1, splits into 151-digit and 160-digit prime factors. This 151-digit prime factor beats the old record, a 147-digit prime factor of 12^293+1. Congrats to all contributors who helped set this new Cunningham project record!
25 Mar 2022, 23:52:00 UTC · Discuss

Hogmanay Hootenanny 2022 Challenge
The Hogmanay Hootenanny 2022 challenge begins shortly on Dec. 31 at 12:00 UTC. Welcome to all participants!
30 Dec 2021, 21:49:11 UTC · Discuss

Change NFS@Home to use SSL
I have modified NFS@Home to use SSL. As a result, the project URL has changed from to If you see problems as a result of this change, you may need to remove then reattach the project. Old http links will continue to work.
13 Nov 2021, 6:55:35 UTC · Discuss

Two new apps launched
Two new apps have been launched, lasievee_small and lasievef_small. As the numbers we factor become larger, the lasieved app has largely become inadequate while the lasievee app queue has grown very long. In an attempt to compensate, job memory use and runtime has crept upward to stretch the capability of the apps. To alleviate these issues, these new apps will provide additional flexibility to choose the app most appropriate to the size of the number being factored while keeping memory use and runtime more reasonable. If you have modified your project preferences to run only specific applications, you may want to adjust your settings to enable these new apps. Thanks for your contributions to NFS@Home!
3 Sep 2020, 20:38:37 UTC · Discuss

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