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2,1934M factored
2,1934M finished tonight. It factored into 102-digit and 123-digit prime numbers. 22 Aug 2016, 5:12:00 UTC · Comment

12,271+ is factored
One more is done. 12,271+ factors into 109-digit and 142-digit prime numbers. Let's keep it up! 21 Aug 2016, 22:41:52 UTC · Comment

Two more complete
Two more Cunningham Most Wanted numbers are done. 7,353+ factors into 89-digit and 152-digit primes, and 7,353- factors into 98-digit and 165-digit primes. 4 Aug 2016, 20:30:21 UTC · Comment

And another two are done
We have finished another two Cunningham Most Wanted numbers. 6,383- factors into 92-digit and 172-digit prime numbers, and 5,422+ factors into 91-digit and 145-digit prime numbers. Let's keep it going! 4 Aug 2016, 4:12:37 UTC · Comment

Two more factored
Two more Cunningham Most Wanted numbers are factored. 3,617- factors into 110-digit and 168-digit prime numbers, and 11,283+ factors into 92-digit and 167-digit prime numbers. Let's keep going! 2 Aug 2016, 4:39:01 UTC · Comment

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