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Vivo en una pequeña ciudad muy cerca de Madrid - España. Me interesa mucho la investigación científica. I live in a small town very close to...


New factorizations and an upcoming challenge
We have completed two new factorizations, 2,2026M and 3,790+. Details are on the Status of Numbers page.

A new challenge, Need Faster Ships Pirates Ahoy part deux NFS@Home Challenge, is running Oct 7-14. Join us at
5 Oct 2016, 0:11:56 UTC · Discuss

2,1954M, 2,1982M, 2,1009+, 2,1019+, XYYXF 139,122, and XYYXF 147,136 factored
We have completed 2,1954M, 2,1982M, 2,1009+, and 2,1019+ from the Cunningham Project, and 139,122 and 147,136 from the XYYXF project. Details of all of these factorizations are available on the Status of Numbers page. Let's keep it up!
[Edited to add 2,1019+]
15 Sep 2016, 18:51:54 UTC · Discuss

2,1934M factored
2,1934M finished tonight. It factored into 102-digit and 123-digit prime numbers.
22 Aug 2016, 5:12:00 UTC · Discuss

12,271+ is factored
One more is done. 12,271+ factors into 109-digit and 142-digit prime numbers. Let's keep it up!
21 Aug 2016, 22:41:52 UTC · Discuss

Two more complete
Two more Cunningham Most Wanted numbers are done. 7,353+ factors into 89-digit and 152-digit primes, and 7,353- factors into 98-digit and 165-digit primes.
4 Aug 2016, 20:30:21 UTC · Discuss

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