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Project status

Server status

Program Host Status
Download server escatter11.fullerton.edu Running
Upload server escatter11.fullerton.edu Running
Scheduler escatter11 Running
feeder escatter11 Running
transitioner escatter11 Running
validator2_d (lasieved) escatter11 Running
validator2_e (lasievee) escatter11 Running
validator2_f (lasievef) escatter11 Running
validator2_5f (lasieve5f) escatter11 Running
assimilator_d (lasieved ) escatter11 Running
assimilator_e (lasievee ) escatter11 Running
assimilator_f (lasievef ) escatter11 Running
assimilator_5f (lasieve5f ) escatter11 Running
file_deleter escatter11 Running
db_purge escatter11 Running

Computing status


Tasks ready to send1231326
Tasks in progress84098
Workunits waiting for validation0
Workunits waiting for assimilation0
Workunits waiting for file deletion1
Tasks waiting for file deletion1
Transitioner backlog (hours)0.00


With credit16314
With recent credit1452
Registered in past 24 hours17


With credit6909343
With recent credit8503
Registered in past 24 hours39
Current GigaFLOPS34025.32

Tasks by application

Application Unsent In progress Runtime of last 100 tasks in hours: average, min, max Users in last 24 hours
14e Lattice Sieve 33 3142 2.12 (0.21 - 17.29) 294
15e Lattice Sieve 19913 10084 1.18 (0.21 - 13.32) 354
16e Lattice Sieve V5 1211379 70873 1.28 (0.1 - 50.08) 485
Last 24 hours #
14e results completed5868
15e results completed8899
16e v5 results completed56923
Total credit granted8001080

60-day credit graph courtesy of BOINCstats

Server software version: 1.2.0 View source on Github.
Database schema version: 27028

Task data as of 7 Apr 2020, 10:25:51 UTC

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