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Detailed status of lasievee_small NFS@Home currently is sieving the following numbers using the lasievee_small app. When you participate in NFS@Home, work for one or more of these numbers will be assigned to your computer. The parameters defining the number will be downloaded to your computer, and the computed 'relations' needed for the post processing step will be uploaded to the main server. This happens automatically; you don't have to do anything. See the bottom of the page for the meaning of each column.

Now sieving

These numbers are being distributed to the clients right now. You can notice them because the workunits you get starts with these names.

#NameProjectTypeBitsQ rangePushedUnsentPendingReceivedRelationsEst. Pending RelsPost processing / Comments
1 3p2_1446LHomogeneous_CunninghamSNFS(230)3128-180 M100 %0037661270,585,1272,435,632Rich Dickerson
2 467_97m1OddPerfectSNFS(258.92)3120-160 M100 %09033316238,421,75912,051,333
3 5m2_415Homogeneous_CunninghamSNFS(232)3124-180 M100 %3385235130232,638,01025,608,061
4 9p8_305Homogeneous_CunninghamSNFS(232.84)3120-180 M91.2 %44561352618465117,991,91586,661,594
5 f48_148p1BrentSNFS(251)3140-140 M16.91 %4228000...Chris Kendon
6 428__749_19m1OddPerfectSNFS(240.01)3120-160 M12.72 %4454000...Dylan Delgado
7 f57_142p1_2nd_tryBrentSNFS(250)3140-150 M15.75 %4333000...Chris Kendon

Total size of result files: 52.02 GB


These numbers are planned, they are currently reviewed or waiting for space on the server disk, and will soon be processed.

#NameProjectTypeBitsPost processing / Comments
1 f62_139m1BrentSNFS(250)31Chris Kendon

Queued for post processing

These numbers have been successfully sieved, and are waiting for someone to post process them. We're still receiving pending results, but no work is generated because we have sufficient relations.

#NameProjectTypeBitsQ rangePushedUnsentPendingReceivedRelationsEst. Pending RelsPost processing / Comments

Total size of MANAGED pending files: 0 GB

Post processing

These numbers have been successfully sieved, and are being post processed

#NameProjectTypeBitsPost processing / Comments
1 63601_53m1OddPerfectSNFS(259.39)31Rich Dickerson


These numbers have been successfully factored

#NameProjectTypeBitsPost processing / Comments
1 8p7_320Homogeneous_CunninghamSNFS(231(quartic))31Carlos Pinho: p108 * p114
2 7m3_1071LHomogeneous_CunninghamSNFS(260)31Carlos Pinho: p59 * 173
3 7p3_344Homogeneous_CunninghamGNFS(182)31Carlos Pinho: p90 * p92
4 8p3_870MHomogeneous_CunninghamSNFS(211.43 (octic))31Dylan Delgado: p73 * p120
5 5_2_779mNear-CunninghamSNFS(236)31Mike Curtis: p91 * p103
6 f38_158p1BrentSNFS(250)31Chris Kendon: p71 * p147
7 2212657_37m1OddPerfectSNFS(234.76)30Rich Smith: p92 * p127
8 24571_53m1OddPerfectSNFS(237.08)30Rich Dickerson: p69 * p129
9 5_2_782m1 aim for 220M relsNear-CunninghamSNFS(236)31Mike Curtis: p53 * p175
10 3p2_1446MHomogeneous_CunninghamSNFS(230)31Carlos Pinho: p58 * p64 * p68
11 f45_151m1BrentSNFS(250)31Dylan Delgado: p82 * p100
12 f45_151p1BrentSNFS(250)31Chris Kendon: p95 * p154


Name: The name identifying the number (Cnnn=composite, etc, project dependent) - probably the workunits name prefix

Project: The factoring project for which this number is sieved

Type: Factoring algorithm and relative calculation difficulty

Bits: Another measure of difficulty, indicating how much relations are required

Q range: Sieving range, indicating the total number of workunits, each one managing 4k Q values

Pushed: Fraction of the Q range for which workunits have been generated

Unsent: Workunits that have been generated but not sent to anyone yet

Pending: Workunits that have been sent to clients for computation

Received: Workunits that have been processed by clients, and that we have received and accumulated

Relations: Cumulated number of NFS relations in all the received results

Est. Pending Rels: Estimated number of relations in the pending result, calculated from the number of received relations and results

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