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Mi nombre es Efrén y analizo por y para que la ciencia avance hacia una sociedad mas analítica e inteligente para que seamos mejores.


6,376+ factored
Another Cunningham Most Wanted number is complete. The composite cofactor of 6,376+ is the product of 98-digit and 127-digit prime numbers. Thanks for all of your contributions! 8 Feb 2016, 5:54:19 UTC · Comment

BOINC code upgrade
I updated the project to the latest version of BOINC. As part of this, I also enabled SSL on the server. Please let me know if you run into any new issues. Thanks for your assistance! 27 Jan 2016, 23:14:32 UTC · Comment

Project will be offline tomorrow
The server will be taken offline late tomorrow (Thursday) morning (PST) for relocation to a different data center. I anticipate that it will be back online Friday afternoon, so I expect downtime of a little over a day. Be sure to stock up on workunits for the outage. Thanks again for your contributions! 6 Jan 2016, 22:31:04 UTC · Comment

2,983+ factored
Here's one more Cunningham Most Wanted number complete to close out 2015. The composite cofactor of 2,983+ is the product of 85-digit and 151-digit prime numbers. Thanks for all of your contributions over the past year, and let's work to make 2016 the best yet! 31 Dec 2015, 19:16:07 UTC · Comment

6,490+ factored
At long last, after sieving a large fraction of it twice due to a server mishap 6,490+ is factored by GNFS (and the backup procedures have been improved). It is the product of 70- and 142-digit prime numbers. Thanks for your contributions! 6 Dec 2015, 2:35:25 UTC · Comment

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