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Studied Applied Information Technology on AHOL - Vyšší odborná škola o.p.s. and English language on a language school. Very best hobbies from my...


Planned outage
The NFS@Home project will be offline for part of this weekend due to a planned data center outage. Everything should be back online Sunday. 16 Oct 2014, 23:13:14 UTC · Comment

New Windows x64 v5 app deployed
Steve Searle has recently modified the lasieve v5 assembly code to work with Windows x64. Building on this, I have compiled and deployed a new Windows x64 lasievef v5 app. If you are using Windows x64, you may see these workunits running. Please let me know if you encounter problems. 25 Jul 2014, 23:02:40 UTC · Comment

The Need For Speed Challenge
The (N)eed (F)or (S)peed Challenge issued by SETI.USA team and will start from 2014-06-21 00:00 UTC to 2014-06-26 00:00 UTC. All teams are invited to join the challenge.

Stats can be followed here:
Don't forget that team leader should be register at boincstats so that the team can be added to the challenge.

We hope to see all teams gathered to crunch some NFS@Home wu's and to increase their badge status.

Best of luck!
2 Jun 2014, 18:51:48 UTC · Comment

3,766+ factored
3,766+ has been factored. It is the product of 66-digit, 75-digit, and 76-digit prime numbers. This is a new Cunningham project champion for GNFS. Let's now set a new record with 3,697+! 1 Apr 2014, 22:34:13 UTC · Comment

Credit badges added
User and team badges for total credit since the beginning of the project and for individual app credits since I started tracking them a couple of days ago have been implemented. Details about the badge levels are at Let's get sieving for the individual app badges! 6 Jan 2014, 8:11:56 UTC · Comment

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