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Vega ("Hi, I'm Vega from Poland (Boinc@Poland Team) Join us at ...")
PanStaszek ("I have no time to inscribe something here, because I'm counting. Greetings for all from...")
przemek ("I'm member of Boinc@Poland Join us")
Krystian_Lap ("PÅ‚ock Polska druzyna BOINC@Poland Licze ja i brat ;) Narazie daje sie jakos rade...")
Genn ("I'm a member of Boinc@Poland ")
eclipse99 (" "The Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42"")
apohawk (" I'm from Poland and I'm a linux sysadmin. My interests and hobbies include aikido,...")
Kret_polny ("Greetings from Poland! :-) My name is Jarek and I'm 21. I'm interested in: computers( most...")

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