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Seek the Truth: Jesus Is LORD. Do NOT be a DNA-denier; abortion kills a new unique human baby girl or boy. God is Love - Jesus proves it! Dios es Amor - Jesús lo demuestra. Les P PhD ("I was born in Easter Europe, before the fall of the Iron Curtain. While I was still...")
Seba ("** multikaki **Sebastian Wróblewski SPECJALISTA")
Steve ("Computer engineer who started his career supporting genome, computer engineering and...")
Skook [Gridcoin] ("Avid Wow player, Gridcoin cruncher and SF Fan")
Stanislav Nikitin ("IT specialist")
SlashPlan ("From Texas! I enjoy reading, playing sport and guitar. For work, I run a service that...")
Scott Cox ("Owner of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch")

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