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Members of Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, + self-control are the fruit of the Holy Spirit . God is love, Jesus proves it. Dios es amor

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1) Profile True--I think, therefor I THINK I am. My thinking neither is the source of my being, nor does it prove my existence to anyone else. Life v. lies...Do not be a DNA-denier. Abortion kills a new, unique human being, a boy or girl. Dont choose death f+LPaH [Founder] 753,418 44.71 Hungary
2) Profile Seek the Truth: Jesus Is LORD. Do NOT be a DNA-denier; abortion kills a new unique human baby girl or boy. God is Love - Jesus proves it! Dios es Amor - Jesús lo demuestra. Les P PhD 170,980 7.64 Hungary

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