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The Importance Of Rapport When Finding A Babysitter

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You do everything. There’s nothing you take for granted when you’re finding a babysitter. Safety is your top most priority in finding someone to watch your kids.

Such is the reason why online childcare service providers are recommended.  You’ll find it easier to find a babysitter online. Most online childcare service providers have a good selection process. Most of these services have a very simple selection process. Each step of the selection process is focused on safety. It’s very easy to follow.  

With family and babysitter safety as the main focus, there’s one element that’s usually overlooked. And that’s the rapport between your kids and your babysitter.


You need to make time to see if the babysitter has rapport with your kids.  Here are a couple ways for you to do it.

Get Your Kids Involved

Let your kids know that you’re finding a babysitter for them. Don’t shock them with it. Having a stranger look after them isn’t exactly what they want. If you’re anxious about it, what more them?

Getting your kids involved in the search process is good. How they feel about a certain person is something you should take note of. If you trust your instincts, you should trust your kids as well.


Being transparent with your kids is a good thing as well. If there’s something that’s bothering you, tell them about it. You might have the same thoughts after all. Just don’t leave them out. After all, the babysitter is intended for them.

Have A Trial Run

If you already have a shortlist of applicants, have a trial run. Have each of your top applicants come over one at a time. Introduce each applicant to your kids. Consider it as a trial run. You’ll be able to see how each applicant is interacting with your kids. You’ll see which applicant has more rapport with your kids.

Of course, there’s an added cost to having your top applicants come over. They are, after all, giving you their precious time. But it’s well worth it. A trial run is also a good way for you to get to know them. It’s not as formal as the interview. In a way, it’s more relaxed. Both parties already know each other. But just the same, you will be see how the applicants deal with your kids in a trial run.

At the end of each trial run, take some time to talk to your kids. Get their feedback. What they have to say about each applicant is important. This is also a good way for them to get involved.

Take Note Of Everything

Finding a babysitter is not easy at all. Focusing on the safety part of it can take up so much time already. What more if you want to check out if there’s rapport? But that’s all part of finding a babysitter. You wouldn’t want a complete stranger coming into your house, right? You wouldn’t want to endanger your kids.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to pay for the services of someone your kids dislike. You’ve invested a lot already. Why not hire someone your kids like?

So take note of everything. Take note of how each applicant treats your kids. Give your kids some time to be alone with each applicant. Then take note of everything your kids have to say. Try to get every piece of information about each applicant. Ask your kids about the words they use. Ask them if the babysitter takes time to even smile at them. Kids notice those little things.

Then gather everything. Get hold of their resumes, reviews, background checks, and trial run results. Put everything together and study it all. This is the only way you can cover everything. 

You simply cannot settle for someone you can trust. Finding the right babysitter means you can trust her enough and your kids like her as well. You can never settle for anything less than that. Rapport is as important as safety. You really need to take some time see if it exists between your kids and the babysitter. 

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