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Functional elements of web design

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Web design is not a simple task or just a simple process. It is somewhat complicated to execute due to various of the elements related to it. Always remember that Web Design Bristol does not only depicts the outlook of the website but also is related to the functionality of the website. This is why all the elements are equally important in web designing. The most important elements are the visual and the functional elements or you can say these are the only elements that collaboratively form a good looking as well as a fully functional website. Here we will be discussing the functional elements of web designing which plays a vital role behind the proper working of any website. 



Navigation is one of the major functional elements that will actually determine whether your website works properly or not. The navigation can serve multiple purposes which actually depends on the customers. It helps to guide those visitors majorly, which are the first time visitors of your website to show them all the services that you can actually offer them. The main motto of the navigator is to deal with the several pages of the websites and guide the one who is visiting.


A slow website is really liked by none. As soon as the customer will face that your website is taking a lot of time to get uploaded or to take you to the next page, with no more further thoughts, they will certainly close the website. At this point, the design of the website doesn't matter. All that matters is how responsive your website is. So you need to work hard on improving the loading time of your website. This is one of the key elements of your web designing process.


There are several animation techniques available nowadays which will best help your design to conquer a wide range of tasks. It helps in grabbing a huge user's attention. At the beginning of your web design start from basic and simple animations because the complex one requires a developer intervention. Also do make sure that you pay attention to all the required animations such as search bars, forms, or the other buttons.

User interactions

There are several ways to interact with any of the websites. It can be either by scrolling, clicking, typing. You need to make sure the way of interaction you choose for your website should be very much reliable and should match the theme of your website. You can also consider some of the interaction things such as, never auto Play any audio, do not underline text unless it is clickable, the forms should be mobile friendly as well, also avoid pop-ups, etc.

Site structure

The other functional tool that is the most essential base of the web design is the site structure. The structure has a very important role to be played in the user experience as well as SEO. If you are not able to design a good structure you also can opt for some sitemap builders which are freely available online.

Cross-browser & cross-device compatibility

If you have designed your web good then it will obviously look good, no matter what the devices used by your viewers. There are several elements used to enhance the websites built from different resources. If you are developing from scratch, then you can opt for a cross-browser testing tool to make sure the process is faster and more effective and efficient. On the other hand when you are using a website building platform then the other cross-browser testing will be cared for by the development team so that you can focus on the proper design.

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