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Message 956 - Posted: 16 Aug 2012, 21:31:12 UTC

As announced on their website, the RSALS project is merging into NFS@Home. The RSALS infrastructure has been integrated into NFS@Home, including the familiar Current jobs page. Also, Lionel from RSALS will continue to administer this subproject. If you wish to only participate in RSALS projects on NFS@Home, then make sure to enable only the lasieved app in your NFS@Home Preferences. However, if your computer has sufficient memory, you are welcome to contribute to the harder projects as well. Welcome aboard!

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Message 957 - Posted: 17 Aug 2012, 8:02:44 UTC - in response to Message 956.
Last modified: 17 Aug 2012, 8:09:01 UTC

Thanks for your work improving the RSALS basis in 2009 and ever since, and integrating + improving our automatic work generation and results collation code, Greg :)

(For NFS@Home regulars and newcomers alike: I'm Lionel, the public face of RSALS though I'm not its creator)

Message boards : News : Welcome RSALS sievers!

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