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Krystian_Lap ("Płock Polska druzyna BOINC@Poland Licze ja i brat ;) Narazie daje sie jakos rade...")
Kret_polny ("Greetings from Poland! :-) My name is Jarek and I'm 21. I'm interested in: computers( most...")
Kathryn Tombaugh-Weber ("I'm a 55 year old single mother of a teenage son in Oklahoma. I started doing BOINC...")
kmanley57 ("Hello, I am a current member of SETI.USA, and have been crunching for 8+ years now. I...")
Konrad Friedrich ("I´m from Dortmund (Germany), 32 years old and a member of SETI.Germany I startet DC...")
Kyong ("Studied Applied Information Technology on AHOL - Vyšší odborná škola o.p.s. and...")
killik ("I'm system admin. I like to listen good music. Member of Czech National Team. ")
KingCalifornia ("Hello, i'm KingCalifornia, 25y old from Germany. Else to know is that i'm just a normal guy...")

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