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Team info
Description Welcome to the Official National BOINC team of New Zealand! NZ.BOINC was founded on the intent to create a standardized team for New Zealand, together, we have already achieved this in less than 6 months. We have and are a vibrant, active, group of crunchers, and we are among the top 2 teams in New Zealand for all of BOINC!

We also have our own exclusive, member write & read only SETI@home message board, so join us and chat whenever you want.

If you have any connection with New Zealand, please feel free to join us at anytime! And we look forward to seeing you crunch for NZ.BOINC!

Created 5 Sep 2009
Total credit 2,396,278
Recent average credit 36
14e credit 246,384 total, 37.77 average (6844 tasks)
15e_small credit 8,712 total, 23.92 average (198 tasks)
15e credit 144,188 total, 25.36 average (3277 tasks)
16e_small credit 3,950 total, 27.79 average (79 tasks)
16e credit 1,683,110 total, 465.97 average (12947 tasks)
Cross-project stats Free-DC
Country New Zealand
Type National
Founder Luke
New members in last day 0
Total members 8 (view)
Active members 2 (view)
Members with credit 6 (view)

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