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The Best Cover for Your Gym Floor

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While there are many different kinds of floor coverings you could use for your gym, not all of them will be suitable. When you compare the different options, there are a few that are obviously superior. Let’s look at several gym floor coverings you could use, and compare them here.

Eco-Tile for Environmental Friendliness

For a floor covering that is great for the environment, you can’t do any better than the Eco-Tile (click here). It is a tough mat that is completely fire resistant and is made from recycled water bottles. The mat also provides excellent acoustics, and it is lightweight too. This convenient floor covering can be packed away easily, and will serve you well in providing a safe place to work out. On top of that, it does a superb job of protecting your floor.

Eco Roll for Convenience and Toughness

For an ever tougher, more resilient gym floor mat, the GymPro Eco Roll is an excellent choice. It cuts down on echoes and other loud noises in the room by absorbing sound like a carpet would. The soft upper layer makes for a comfortable workout space, and its slip-resistant underlayer is going to keep the mat in one place as you use it. This mat is both functional and portable, making it one of the more versatile options

Vinyl for Classiness

Vinyl floor mats are made from recycled materials like some of the other options on this list. They are tough, resilient gym floor coverings that will be able to tolerate a lot of abuse, and still retain their attractive appearance and keeping your floor clean. Vinyl coverings have a classy look, which makes them a great option for professional gyms. This is a covering that will prove to be a great investment since it has a long lifespan and looks great.

Courtside Runner for Slip Resistance

While some of the other coverings on this list offer slip resistance, none of them do as good a job of preventing slips, trips, and falls as the Courtside Runner. To keep them out from becoming slippery, it is designed with a moisture wicking surface. The excellent traction of the Courtside Runner makes it the best choice for floor coverings that will be used for running and other non-stationary activities.

This mat is stain resistant as well, and can hold up to a lot of wear and tear, so you don't have to worry about it looking worn after a few months of use. The Courtside Runner offers some decent acoustic characteristics; plus, it is a lightweight floor mat that can be packed away without any hassle.

Our list of gym floor coverings is not extensive, but it gives you the very best options available. We chose these for their attractive look, convenience of use, and high quality design. The floor covering you choose will determine how safe your gym is, how appealing it looks, and how safely you and others can work out in that space. There are no better choices for gym mats when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.

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