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Importance of Essay Writing in a Global Platform

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Essay writing is perhaps one of the most underrated academic tasks given to students in order to test their cognitive abilities. On the surface, it may seem to be a simple task of story writing, but any college student would agree that that it is not that simple. Writing a good essay involves a structured approach which highlights the cognitive abilities of a student. In the global scale the importance of essay writing can be portrayed in terms of its positive effects on the students’ acumen across the world.

Owing to the complexities of writing a good essay, it is often seen as a frightening task by the students. As a result, they either tend to avoid them or seek out essay writing help online. In this article I have highlighted about the importance of essay writing, and its role in the global education.

Significance of Essay Writing

A well written essay does not depend on one’s writing skills or command over the language only. Other factors like credible research, organizing information, critical thinking and proper planning are also essential for writing a good essay. Any professional academician will agree that students can develop their essay writing skills with extensive practice. This eventually will translate to better communication skills in both verbal and written forms. Mastering essay writing skills can also help them to improve their cognitive abilities, especially in the areas of critical thinking, which is quite vital for professional development. Let us look at some of the key areas that explains why the essay writing holds such importance in the global scale.

Cognitive Stimulation: Essay writing compels a person to push his cognitive boundaries so that he can come up with new ideas to express in the essay. Preparing for a good essay can help an individual to improve their idea generation capabilities. Usually, writing an essay demands new ideas that can attract the audience. The ability to highlighting key social issues or any pertinent problem can help to improve social awareness within an individual.

In certain cases, writing an essay also requires the ability of problem solving. Certain essay topics may ask you to offer solution to certain issues. This is where you need to use your creative talent to come up with new potential solutions. This ability can help you to improve your problem-solving capacity in your professional life.

Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is defined as the ability of an individual to think reflectively and make better decisions. In essay writing, the student are students are often required to implement theoretical findings to solve an issue at hand. This type of activities allows them to use existing findings or theories to solve problems. Moreover, critical thinking can also improve professional performance, especially on the grounds of better decision making through logical reasoning.

Organizational Skills: A good essay is characterized by an organized structure where different points and ideas are properly arranged. A structured essay is easy to understand as it reads in a flow, where there is seamless continuity between two points. This ability can help a person to become much better in expression of thoughts.

Adopting a structured way of thinking can be really helpful in improving one’s productivity and professional performance. This indicates that essay writing can have significant influence on the personal development for an individual. Therefore, I suggest you that you must focus on improving your essay writing skills. Instead of wondering who will write my paper, you can seek help from professional assignment help, to get a clear idea on how you can write an excellent essay. Thus, essay writing has a prominent influence in the global education system and can have positive impact on individuals.

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