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Blogging.Org Guide To Blogging: Worth Your Time?

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Description Are you interested in creating a blog today? If so, it’s important that you frame your education in the right way. By this, we mean learning from the right source. With so many blogging tutorials out there, though, knowing who to listen and what to follow is a considerable challenge. One site that has gained a lot of traction for blog education, though, is Blogging.org.

The simple name lets you know what you are picking up from – it’s an organization aimed at blogging. It was set by an expert called Zac Johnson, the founder of the site. He’s the definition of a blogging expert; someone who just “gets” what makes a good blog post.

With close to 20 years of experience on the internet marketing sphere, Zac is someone that you can genuinely learn a hell of a lot from.

What, though, is his 3-step guide to success? Check it out here.

Right on that first page, you get an immediate sense of what Zac and Blogging.org can offer you. it’s going to break down the opportunity for you to make a monetized blog that actually succeeds. Zac says that he can ‘continually generate thousands of dollars per month from the comfort of my home’ – sounds good, right?

For a moment, though, let’s take our eyes off the big claims about money making. While there’s little reason to decide to make a blog unless you can work out a way to monetize it, there’s more to it than that. You’ve probably heard the old adage that Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Well, a blog that makes a lot of money and brings in traffic is a long-term process. Thankfully, Blogging.org does a rather wonderful job of breaking down how to do this. It’s not rocket science; it’s common business sense.

The Three Steps to Blogging Success

Now, if you were to check the above site, you’ll see that you are three short steps away from creating a truly eloquent blogging business. While many sites say this kind of stuff, it’s often a little less than true. What we want to do, then, is make it easier for you to see why this particular three-step program actually works. The reasons why you should look closer at this process is:

• Without a platform, you have no blog. The platforms suggested are excellent choices to go with. The main reason that this matters, though, is that you need a platform to run that blog from. You need a base for the blog, a spine. You likely lack the skill to make it from scratch, so using tools out there to build the skeleton of your blog is very much common sense for the most part.

• Without a domain, you’re homeless. Sure, you could host it on Blogspot or on WordPress’ own server. That, though, makes you look a touch amateur. If you want to be taken seriously, you need a domain name and hosting. Without a hosting package, you have no means of being seen online. With no domain, you have no means for people to visit your page.

• Without a purpose, you are pointless. Put simply, your blog needs a brand. By this, we mean it needs fitting colors, images, layouts and color schemes. It has to fit more or less perfectly with the theme of the blog. Then, the purpose has to come in the writing, too. Your main purpose is to make a living, but to do that you need to give people viable reasons to return to your blog in the first place.

How do you do that?

Building A Readable Blog
Thanks to the power and the effect of the Blogging.org courses, you can enjoy a much more impressive blogging experience. They help you through this affordable course to go through a range of important videos, resources and learning materials.

Put simply, it’s the perfect way to help see how you can build the blog spoken about in the opening post. If you are on the lookout for a mentor who can show you how to actually build a successful blog, this is the place to start.

Many learning resources exist, and many of them can lead you down a good path. If you want to make sure that you head down the path of prosperity and productivity, though, Blogging.org is very good.

If you’ve been unsure about whether this kind of blogging education is right for you, we can say that it most likely is. If you want a foundation to work from about what makes a good blog, and how to make it monetized, start with the above. With over 400 students enrolled, there’s a reason people love to learn from Zac; he knows blogging better than most.

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