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1) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Project recently started using too much memory? (Message 767)
Posted 23 Nov 2011 by Tex1954
I would also point out that Windows 7 uses 1.3GIG on the lasievef 16e tasks and Linux on the same system uses about 800Meg Real and 800Meg Virtual. The two OS's certainly do things differently...

I have 12Gig DDR3 in my i7-950 system (8 threads)to support 8 NFS 16e tasks and it uses it for sure!

This is running 8 lasievef 16e tasks...

2) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Mac brought to knees by NFS WUs (Message 766)
Posted 23 Nov 2011 by Tex1954
Well, you didn't mention what WU's you are running, but with only 6Gig RAM, you would have problems.

The lasievef 16e WU's use up to 1.3GIG of RAM per task! You would have tons of problems running those with so many cores.... even if it did load up the cores, the virtual memory would probably be thrashing to high heaven.

I suggest you check your preferences and make sure you are NOT running those WU's at all. With only 6GIG mem, you may have some trouble running 8 of the smaller tasks as well.

lasieved - rarely used so work is rarely available, only for small numbers: YES
lasievee - work nearly always available, uses up to 0.5 GB memory: YES
lasievef - occasionally used for huge factorizations, uses up to 1 GB memory: NO

Make sure the "lasievef" task is set to "NO" in your project preferences as above.

See this: http://escatter11.fullerton.edu/nfs/forum_thread.php?id=33&nowrap=true#767


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