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1) Message boards : News : 3,766+ factored (Message 1356)
Posted 2 Apr 2014 by FreeBSD Daemon
Great! Huge amount of work, probably?
How about updating the "status of numbers" page? (Am I the only person regularly looking at it?)

2) Message boards : News : 64-bit FreeBSD app released (Message 939)
Posted 27 Jul 2012 by FreeBSD Daemon
I am using it for a few days now and it is working and kicking! As the binaries are statically linked I am quite sure they will be working on any 64-bit version of FreeBSD. As for 32-bit version, one can easily run 32-bit Linux versions on FreeBSD, there is practically no penalty due to system calls translation.
3) Message boards : News : 64-bit Mac OS X app released (Message 895)
Posted 4 Jun 2012 by FreeBSD Daemon
That explains your unusually short reported computation times. The validator raised a warning about that but of course validated since the results were good.

I was always wondering if it has attracted your attention or not :))) Less than 1 minute per task is a good speed! It could have being a quantum computing... but sadly it is not :(

I will contact you shortly about creating a FreeBSD port.

The new email is sent via private message. Sorry %)
4) Message boards : News : 64-bit Mac OS X app released (Message 890)
Posted 2 Jun 2012 by FreeBSD Daemon

What about providing native applications for FreeBSD? Especially 64-bit one? The overwhelming part of my current contribution to the project is due to the native 64-bit application compiled locally. It was not hard to adapt the siever for FreeBSD, I used the snapshot of sources from SourceForge. The unified context patch has 195 lines, mostly fixing the use of deprecated functions and headers. By the way, do you contribute your improvements back? For example, where one can find the sources (or patches) for the "new V5" siever?

The big problem with the current situation (for me) is that I have to maintain a lot of local hacks (hacked boinc-client, the scripts to do the actual work with a local siever, etc.). I would not describe the whole process as it will take pages, but in a nutshell, the sieving is done by locally non-boincified 16e siever and the 32-bit linux siever is used just to "check" the results and report it back to the server. The 32-bit linux siever is run via FreeBSD linux compatibility layer which is limited to 32-bit applications only (so it is not possible to run 64-bit optimized siever this way). The downside is that it is becoming quite tedious to maintain all local modifications. The V5 application (which, I believe, is more valuable then the standard 16e?) is also out of the play.

So, I am open to help you with the task (from answering any questions regarding FreeBSD up to providing temporary access to my FreeBSD machine or even compiling the application myself - if you trust me, of course :). It would be nice just to install stock boinc-client and define the usage limits without any dance that I have to do right now to contribute to the project!
5) Message boards : News : 2,1990L factored (Message 796)
Posted 27 Feb 2012 by FreeBSD Daemon
Great! What about 2,1061-? Is it in post-processing? How is it going?
And what is 5,433+ which is (seemingly) the current number for 16e siever?

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