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1) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Naming clarity please (Message 2054)
Posted 13 Sep 2019 by Bill Michael
Bump. At LEAST in the prefs page, beside the cryptic app name, put "16e" or SOMETHING! Every single time I want to change prefs, I have to search through the boards to remember which app is which "app".
2) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : RAM, runtime and credits (Message 2046)
Posted 1 Aug 2019 by Bill Michael
New to this project but long time BOINC... VERY confused by the credits. Results from one host:

14e - 4,945 seconds, 36 credits
15e - 7,243 seconds, 44 credits
16e - 4,956 seconds, 130 credits

This is seriously broken... I have no major problem with the 14 being "low" or the 16 being "high" at around the same execution times (given you're trying to get people to do 16), but the 15 is absurd. 50% more work for the lower-end credit? At the very least, it should be >130, or maybe 100 if you REALLY want people to only do 16. I've also had RAM limit issues, but (having read the forum before signing up) I expected those, and can compensate.

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