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1) Message boards : NFS Discussion : BOINC pentathlon (Message 2167)
Posted 15 May 2021 by xii5ku
To summarize the observations during the first hours after May 12 18:00 UTC (contest announcement), and the first hours after May 15 00:00 UTC (contest start):

  • Work generator speed was a bottleneck during the first hour, but not later anymore.
  • There was so much work generated subsequently, that work generator speed is not going to be a bottleneck anytime soon.
  • However, with more than 250,000 results returned during the first five hours of May 15, first the validator, then the assimilator was maxed out.
  • For several hours now, the server is not assigning new tasks to hosts.

Is the assimilator backlog the reason for the server's refusal to send new work?

2) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : 193 (0x000000C1) EXIT_SIGNAL (Message 2160)
Posted 12 May 2021 by xii5ku
I am seeing this failure (SIGSEV) too, on a linux computer. Have yet to try another computer.

It gets weirder: After the scheduler received the failure result, it creates a replica task and may send the replica to the very same host, naturally with the same outcome. Speak of flogging a dead horse.
3) Message boards : NFS Discussion : Formula BOINC sprint at NFS@Home, July 5 - 8 (Message 1914)
Posted 9 Jul 2018 by xii5ku
The server held up excellently, thanks.

Work was always available. I saw some brief periods during which scheduler requests needed to be deferred (e.g. server could not open database), but these were really short and perhaps not even due to the increased traffic from the sprint.

Sprint results are shown at the link in the OP. All teams which are tracked by formula-boinc.org returned results worth of 87.3 M points.

Some graphs courtesy of stats.free-dc:

4) Message boards : NFS Discussion : Formula BOINC sprint at NFS@Home, July 5 - 8 (Message 1897)
Posted 5 Jul 2018 by xii5ku
Hi admins,

just a heads-up that formula-boinc.org initiated a sprint for the next three days:
(AFAIK project admins don't get advance notice from Formula BOINC about these sprints.)

Previous Formula BOINC sprints of this year at other projects caused about double the usual computation during the sprint days, or more. This depended on project server capacity, and on the amount of baseline contribution from non-sprinting teams such as Gridcoin.

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