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1) Message boards : NFS Discussion : Badges (Message 1319)
Posted 25 Mar 2014 by Profile Gandalf_the_Grey
My 16e project reached 500,000 credits, but the badge is still Silver.
Have you changed the criteria for Gold?

Just noticed that while your My Account does NOT reflect the upgrade. BOK's Free-DC does. Go figure.
2) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : 15e computation error (Message 1270)
Posted 5 Feb 2014 by Profile Gandalf_the_Grey
Why are my 15e WUs erroring?
What can I do to fix this problem?

3) Message boards : NFS Discussion : Profile editing (Message 1263)
Posted 14 Jan 2014 by Profile Gandalf_the_Grey
My Profile will not accept the input of my picture even though it qualifies as to file size. Other Project Profiles do accept it.

The Community preferences will not accept it either.

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