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1) Message boards : Chat : Dotsch/UX 1.2 released (Message 413)
Posted 22 Mar 2010 by Dotsch
1.2 CD, hard disk install, username/password entered on Ubuntu install screen with auto logon checked. Install runs to eoj, blank screen on reboot, manual eject of disk, have to hit reset switch. Boots to login screen and is clueless.

Have you added a new user or used the BOINC user ?

What is about to manual reset the password via "sudo passwd <user name>" from the boinc user or via "passwd <user name>" as root ? Instead of complaing about a small bug, which was not found in the beta test phase ?

I believe this is called "testing in the field".

Get a new hobby.

I call this offending.
2) Message boards : Chat : Dotsch/UX 1.2 released (Message 411)
Posted 22 Mar 2010 by Dotsch
Tried it, will not keep user password set at install (care to share?). Old version of Ubuntu (8.something). Essentially useless without some serious testing before release.

What user password do you mean ? - Default user boinc or your own (setup) user ?
Where do you have set the password ?

Do you use a LiveCD with/without persitent home, USB stick install, HDD installation or diskless client ?
3) Message boards : Chat : Dotsch/UX 1.2 released (Message 409)
Posted 21 Mar 2010 by Dotsch
Today I have released Dotsch/UX 1.2.

Dotsch/UX is a Linux distribution for BOINC which easily installs and boot from a USB stick, hard disk and from diskless clients and also has some interfaces to setup the diskless server and the clients automatically.

For more informations have a look at http://www.dotsch.de/Dotsch_UX

New features in 1.2 :
� Build in NVIDIA CUDA support, a additional tool to enable and check the NVIDIA CUDA support.
� Persistent Live CD mode for testing the distribution as Live CD and store the data on a USB stick/disk
� Automated and semiautomatic backup of the BOINC client data and some other OS data
� Included Ganglia for performance monitoring of the Dotsch/UX Grids
� Pre Installed BOINC client 6.10.17
� Removed a lot of unneeded packages in the x86 and x64 distribution
� A lot of bug fixes and enhancements

Special thanks to all the peoples which supported and helped to make the new distribution possible !

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