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1) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Computer shuts down (Message 1495)
Posted 1 Mar 2015 by Ananas
There is stdoutdae.txt (it is not created, when BOINC ist used on command line without BOINCmgr)

But you should also check the Windows event logs (application/security/system), if the shutdown has been issued by some heat protection that came with the motherboard, it has probably left some information there.

p.s.: You could also try to limit the number of concurrent 1GB tasks :

Create this file in the NFS project directory :


containing these lines :

p.p.s.: I am too still using two Core2 computers with BOINC, they are consuming too much energy (later CPUs are more efficient) but other than that, they are not totally outdated :-)
2) Message boards : News : New Windows x64 v5 app deployed (Message 1426)
Posted 30 Jul 2014 by Ananas
Other than 5.1.10, 16e Lattice Sieve 5.1.11 transfers the CPU time into the runtime, when no runtime is given. Imo. this is an improvement.
3) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Unusual Compute Errors (Message 1282)
Posted 3 Mar 2014 by Ananas
This one (your 32582964) has been completed by a Win x64 machine, so it is not necessarily a Linux vs. Windows thing.
4) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Unusual Compute Errors (Message 1267)
Posted 26 Jan 2014 by Ananas
Client state Compute error
Exit status 197 (0xc5) EXIT_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

That's one I see only rarely. It indicates that BOINC estimated the completion time of the workunit to be much later than the deadline. ...

No, this is not the reason for this error, it is not deadline related.

There is a value RSC_FPOPS_BOUND configured for the work units.

If the used FPOps pass this FPOps limit, the core client aborts the workunit.

Afaik. the values are converted into CPU time, as the core client does not actually know the used-up FPOps. I.e., when the result starts, the RSC_FPOPS_BOUNC value together with the benchmark results lead to a maximum CPU time that the core client will allow for that workunit.

So, if the computer runs the BOINC benchmark on a turbo core but the calculation runs not in turbo mode OR if part of the calculation ran in a clocked-down (powersaving) mode, there is a high risk of violating the FPOps limit.

Increase RSC_FPOPS_BOUND if you want to eliminate those errors - it isn't actually thought to limit the execution time for a "healthy" result, it is just thought to catch applications stuck in endless loops. Set it much higher than RSC_FPOPS_EST, at least 5 times as high or even 10 times.
5) Message boards : News : Credit badges added (Message 1265)
Posted 20 Jan 2014 by Ananas
... since I started tracking them a couple of days ago ...

Your BOINC server side version tracks that per host and with the fixed credits in this project, you could fill up your stats initially even with data from before your starting point :

Required attributes :

- host_app_version.host_id to connect the values to a host (and to a user ID through the host entity)
- host_app_version.pfc_n for the number of successful workunits per app
- host_app_version.app_version_id to lookup the app name and fixed app credits (through the app_version entity)
6) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Server problem "server can't open database" (Message 1208)
Posted 20 Oct 2013 by Ananas
Just had a connection timeout on a scheduler request, the next attempt replied "server can't open database".
7) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : Statistics export not working? (Message 1206)
Posted 3 Oct 2013 by Ananas
I believe the statistics export to stats-sites (freeDC, BOINCstats, etc) is not working at the moment (XML stats if I'm correct).

Frozen on the 28th : http://escatter11.fullerton.edu/nfs/stats/
Maybe a side effect of the sluggish/overloaded server, timeout or so. Or the stats export itself locked up and causes the server to lag.
8) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : NFS@Home always restarting after resuming task (Message 1200)
Posted 1 Oct 2013 by Ananas
4 instances running with 20% each.

There is another way to limit this, probably closer to what you expected :

On multiprocessors, use at most 1 processors

This will limit the number of concurrent BOINC tasks to 1 instead of the share that each of 4 tasks gets.
9) Message boards : Questions/Problems/Bugs : what are the apps names for app_config? (Message 1199)
Posted 1 Oct 2013 by Ananas
They can be found in client_state.xml (edit a copy, never the original file).

Look for the project :

and just behind the closing tag you'll find the application names :
    <user_friendly_name>16e Lattice Sieve</user_friendly_name>
    <user_friendly_name>14e Lattice Sieve</user_friendly_name>
    <user_friendly_name>15e Lattice Sieve</user_friendly_name>

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