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1) Message boards : NFS Discussion : Hmm, Working Thread Size (Message 340)
Posted 23 Dec 2009 by Pappa
Twice something has happened preventing me from typing this message.

The reason I noticed the issue as I got home had to Power off this machine to get control back. When I restarted the machine noticed it had been producing ERRORS (NHS does not like running the Swap/Page file).

So rather than trashing work for something that I do not own. It becomes look for something that I can leave moderately unattended without worry of wasting Everyones Resources/Time. In fairness during the run of the less intense WU's my three multiprojects machines had no issues. With the last batch I had two machines that produced errors. Sorry... I would suggest that lasievee has a memory leak... I am sure that you can figure that one out.

2) Message boards : NFS Discussion : Hmm, Working Thread Size (Message 336)
Posted 21 Dec 2009 by Pappa
Thank You Greg

I had Deselected "laseivef." When I look in the init_data.xml for laseivee it defines <rsc_memory_bound>500000000.000000</rsc_memory_bound>
which automatically blocks out 1 gig of memory on the dual core (XP). So after observing for a while (on my three machines) the largest Peak Mem Usage was 389 meg. So if the larger problems fit inside 400 meg why not set a more realistic working set size.
With the current project design settings, and a lot of Dual Core machines (XP or Vista) that came off the showroom floor with 2 gig or less.
With the OS and crap that is loaded at the factory, the project effectively cripples them (running in the swap file) on startup or after having finished a WU or two.

3) Message boards : NFS Discussion : Hmm, Working Thread Size (Message 295)
Posted 21 Dec 2009 by Pappa
I am finding that while supporting NFS what is not publically published as afar as growth is becomeing more than My Computer(s) and Boinc can handle. The current Working set size is 500 meg. A Dual core becomes 1 gig... Does that mean you are attempting to exclude all of the General Internet population? Most do not have the required resources to give up without notice of reason.

Thank You for keeping to keep us abreast of your growth or changes.

I am setting No New Tasks.


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