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Message 1547 - Posted: 4 Jul 2015, 15:43:50 UTC

1) code some stats page for internal challenges (14e, 15e and 16e)
2) add counter time to first page
3) prizes for the challenges ( to be defined how to credit the prize within the team winner)
4) please post more ideas....
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Message 1548 - Posted: 6 Jul 2015, 13:24:29 UTC

Your internal challengers are they going to be along the lines of Primegrid? and how they have their own challengers for various applications.

It is often a good way to boost the processing of a sub-project (application) that is not as popular as say one that awards more points (for example 14e and 16e).

That should work quite well.

The timer would be good so people know when the challenge starts.

I don't know how you would do the prize thing. The POGS (SkyNet) project awards prizes and even sends them around the world to the winner (I think things like cups, shirts, caps and star charts and a few other things).
I don't know about other projects, some of them were going to do things like POGS does (even SETI has tried this), the internal Stat page showing the winners would be all some winners would really need but others might want more.
Can't really award points for winning it would cause a lot of friction I believe.

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