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193-digit GNFS coming atcha!

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Thomas Womack
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Message 1528 - Posted: 1 May 2015, 20:21:04 UTC

After five GPU-weeks of polynomial selection and a thousand CPU-hours of trial sieving, I've queued up a 193-digit GNFS from the aliquot-sequences project.

For this one I choose parameters to run through c5=1..10^7 in five GPU-weeks, which came out as stage-1 norm of 1e28 and stage-2 of 1e26. The best polynomial came from the first block, with c5=286440. Average yield (over Q=5e7*N .. 5e7*N+1e4 for N=1..8) is just slightly under 1, so I'm sieving 50M..500M to get a good number of relations.

There will be a 190-digit coming in about another three weeks when the polynomial selection's finished.
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Message boards : News : 193-digit GNFS coming atcha!

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