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Message boards : News : Larger numbers & credit adjustment

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Message 508 - Posted: 27 Jul 2010, 20:26:22 UTC

Thanks to recent advances in the msieve postprocessing code, a significant barrier limiting the size of numbers that we can factor has been removed. Therefore, over the next few months, we will be factoring progressively larger numbers using the lasievef application. To reflect the increased importance of these larger work units, their credit has been adjusted.

If your computer has at least 1.25 GB of memory per core and you are not running other memory-hungry applications in the background, please try disabling the lasievee application in your NFS@Home preferences. If your computer can successfully run the lasievef application, you will contribute to the largest NFS factorizations completed to date using open source software and will earn more credits per day. In the case of a quad-core computer with 4 GB of memory, you will earn more credit per day running three instances of lasievef and leaving one core idle than running four instances of lasievee.

Do not worry if your computer does not have sufficient memory for the lasievef application or other background processes prevent you from using it. Work for lasievee will continue to be available over the long term.

Message boards : News : Larger numbers & credit adjustment

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