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HIPAA Security Rules

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About the HIPAA Security Rules

If you are aware of the HIPAA privacy rule, then the security rule would be easy to understand. It is more or less on the same lines, with minor differences. The intention of the security rules are the same as the privacy rules. It does its part in safeguarding the interests of the patients. The security rules are more like a guideline provided to the health and medical care centers. The only difference, as stated before is that the security rules are specifically for the electronically protected health records. This is why, these sets of rules are highly technical and it is better if you have an expert guiding you through them. The security rule is organization oriented, and every health organization that keeps electronic records of the patient’s medical information has to abide by it.

The parts of the HIPAA security rules

The security rules are divided into three broad categories, for the benefit of the medical entities dealing in sensitive personal information. The three categories are – administrative rules, physical rules and technical rules. As the terms suggest pretty plainly, the administrative rules govern the entire administrative structure of the healthcare entity. This kind of rule is applicable on the workforce itself. It etches out details of development and implementation of the security rules in the healthcare facility, and the code of conduct of the medical personnel working in the facility.

The next type is the physical, which directly influences the medical record itself. Here the rules clearly state that no kind of unauthorized access or interference in the physical records will be entertained. And the last category is the technical HIPAA security rules. The technical rules of course govern the technical machines and equipment that are involved in storing and protecting the electronic personal health information records. As per these security rules, the technology used for protecting the health information should be regularly checked and it could function properly.

Benefits of HIPAA security rules

These security rules are a subset of the privacy rule, and hence the benefits too are in more or less the same line. The electronic personal health information records have some really intimate details about you, your body and health conditions. These health reports also map out your personality, what kind of financial status you have and also your mental health. Hence, the security rules protect your own interest by making it mandatory to keep them private. If these kinds of sensitive information fall into the wrong hands, it could cause both personal and economic harm to you. Since the electronic health information relate to you, securing these will ensure that only you have the power to decide what you want to do with these information or who you want it to see. Also, the HIPAA security rules ensure the efficiency levels of the workforce and the technological equipment in the healthcare facility in protecting your interests. Since keeping private electronic records of the patient’s medical information has become the norm, ensuring that these rules are being followed has become even more important.more

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